Key Natural Hair Terms

As you familiarize yourself with natural hair care it is important to become accustomed with key terms. According to Milady Standard Natural Hair Care and Braiding ( pg. 85), the following are trending terms to become familiar with:

  • Big Chop ( BC): “Cutti20161012_124714ng treated hair”
  • Co-Wash: “To use conditioner to shampoo hair”
  • Cones: “silicones; not water soluble”
  • DT or DC: “Deep treatment or deep conditioner applied over an extended period of time or period of time with dry heat or moist stream heat”
  • Dusting: “a very fine trim; can range from .25 inch (0.6 cm) or less, meaning as little hair possible, so it resembles dust on the floor”
  • No Poo: “No shampooing, use conditioner to shampoo–Co-washing”
  • Plopping: “Quick-dry method for curly hair using paper towel or T-shirt”
  • SLS: “Sodium laurel sulfate; surfactants, cleansing agent, and detergent that can be irritating, toxic, and drying to hair and scalp”
  • TNC: “Twist and curl, double-strand twist, and rod or flex set”
  • TWA: “Teeny weeny afro”
  • Wash-n-Go: “A co wash following a leave-in conditioner, and texture enhancer; hand style, air dry or diffuse”
  • Twist-out: “Double-strand twist set that is dried, opened, and styled”
  • Hair typing system: “General classification of hair textures for social media communication and product selection. Hair typing or classification is often with numerical hierarchy, from 1-4 or 1-8. This system describes natural hair textures based on the wave/curl/coil patterns, elasticity, porosity and density.”
  • CBL: “Hair length reference, meaning collarbone length”
  • PJ: “Product junkies, a person who continually buys hair products, looking for a magic potion that will enhance hair texture”



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