Natural Hair Care Tips

I ran into the library this week to look for some movies, then it hit me. There are books about every topic, and especially with the popularity of re-embracing natural hair, I’m sure I can find some books about natural hair care.  One of the books, “better than good hair” by Nikki Walton, was both informational and testimonial and wanted to share some key points that stuck out to me.

  •  My stylist knows my relaxed hair texture and my natural, and one of the points made in Nikki Walton’s book was preparing a list of questions when consulting a hairstylist who is knowledgable about natural hair.
    • ( Marie Simone shared this list on pg.16&17)
      • What is my hair texture?
      • Do I have dry or oily hair?
      • Do I have coarse, medium, or fine hair?
      • Does my hair absorb moisture?
      • What is my curl pattern?
        • Do I have multiple curl patterns throughout my hair?
      • What style will work best for me?
      • How do I maintain my hair?
  • Personally, trying to figure out what products are best for my hair is very frustrating. Nikki Walton suggests five organic products to use and some of their benefits
    • ( pg.79-80)
      • Shea Butter: moisterizes and softens hair; reduces frizz; helps protect against damage from weather conditions, clumps curls
      • Aloe Vera: heat damage protector; defines curls; helpful when detaglingling hair; promotes hair shine; provides light hold
      • Jojoba extract: repairs dry and damaged hair, shine and softness; reduces frizz, clumps curls
      • Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  seals and softens hair, so it can be used as a pre-shampoo and deep conditioner
      • Honey: has anitbactirial properties; retains moister, so its a good additive for conditioners and deep conditioners
  • Not properly detagling your hair can cause breakage. I have past experinces of improperly combing out my hair after washing it. Nikki Walton provides three detagling methods to try
    • (pg. 95-96)
      • Sink/Mirror Detagling: add oil to your hair–olive for example
        • Part hair into 4-6 sections
        • Finger through one section of your hair at a time starting from ends to roots. You may use a big tooth comb or paddle brush
        • Twist each section after you have detangeld it
        • Wash hair while in twist or carefully do so after untwisiting hair
      • Shower Detangling
        • After soaking hair, part it into 2 sections
        • Wash one section of hair at a time
        • Wet hair evenly all over
        • Detangle each section from ends to roots while water runs on hair using fingers, shower comb or a detangling comb
      • Damp Detangling
        • Spray dry hair with water then apply some conditioner or moisturizing butter
        • Part hair into 4-8 sections
        • Detangle one section at a time from ends to roots with fingers, a big tooth comb or paddle brush
        • Retwist section once detangled
        • Wash hair while in twist or carefully do so after untwisiting hair

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