Chatting with Natural Hair Stylist AfroDeziac (Phyllis)


 Hair Style by AfroDeziac 20160903_122312 20160903_122552

Natural hair and its beauty

Today I asked  Natural Hair Stylist AfroDeziac a few questions about natural hair.

“Natural hair is any head of hair that has no chemical that will straighten or alternate the texture of the hair….There is nothing wrong with being natural, just keep it up. Talk to a professional that will make you feel better about being natural or give you some ideas of different hair styles. Don’t just stay in the house thinking there is nothing you can do with your hair because natural hair is very versatile. When I had locks, I braided those up and I sewed in weave; I have also sown crochet braids into my locks.” Natural hair allow you to ” identify with your self, it brings you back to who you really are….where we come from…. For so long they make us think that this is bad, not right. We are meant to look like this and we are beautiful with it no matter who thinks it or not.”-AfroDeziac

Some Questions I asked her about natural hair care:

Q: What would you say to frustrated naturals?

“Be patient. Natural hair grows super fast. I would also suggest  different protective styles where they don’t have to see their hair at the time, and then it will grow out with those protective styles.”


Q: Which types of protective styles do you recommend?20150722_133502

“Certain types of braids; I don’t recommend really small braids, especially around your edges. If it’s already healthy around your edges, you want to keep it that way. If it’s already thin, you want to stay away from smaller braids. Crochet braiding, two stranding, things like that are protective styles.”-AfroDeziac



Q: How do you know what products work best for your hair type?DSC_6669.JPG

“No water base. I would suggest for natural hair you get something that is really hydrated. I use hydrated shampoo and it works for any one of my clients.  It’s a 100% vegan shampoo, and I use a natural conditioner as well.”-AfroDeziac

DSC_6672.JPGQ: How often should you wash your hair?

“Some people think it’s inappropriate to go a week without shampooing, but by us already not having oil in our hair, shampooing more often just dries it out even more. So with us; honestly, we can go at least a couple of weeks without shampooing our hair. Most of the people who come in here ( to AfroDeziac’s shop) don’t wash their hair until they come back to get it shampooed here; those are like our lock clients, and that’s like 4-weeks. We do have certain things you can do in-between time. So, if you sweat a lot and got an odor, we got things we can do or people can do between time to mass the smell.” -AfroDeziac


Q: How often should you flat-iron your hair?


DSC_6784.JPG  “For most people who are natural  that flat-iron, they do better in the winter.  Summer time you will be continuously  trying to put heat on your hair for it to stay  in its straight state. So I would really just      say, mostly do it in the winter. If you do it,   do not over process your hair. A lot of people think they must have it one the highest temperature…and you don’t have to do that for almost any type of hair, no matter how course it is.”-AfroDeziac





Q. How can you tell if you have heat damage?dsc_6721-2

“After you get through flat ironing your hair,  you’ve worn the style and you go to shampoo it again, and it’s still straight in spots. If it does not revert back to its original state, you have heat damage.” -AfroDeziac





Q. What is proper hair shedding  and  how do you know when you have hair breakage?

“Hair sheds between 75-150 hair strands a day….                                                                        This is where people get it twisted–if you have your hair braided for two months, you take your hair out  and you got all this hair just pouring out, pouring out your head, you really think you’re loosing hair. But, those are just say 150 strands per day that were trying to come out that couldn’t come out. So, 60 days times 150 strands per day, that is what you are going to see coming out your hair. It’s not necessarily shedding in a bad way. If you are doing everything you can and you haven’t had any braids and you are starting to see breakage, it could have something to do with your diet, new medication, stress levels….If its breaking, you’ll see different lengths in the hair. The ends will be brittle, straggly, like you need a real serious hair cut.”-AfroDeziacdsc_6654


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