Why have you reembraced being Natural?

Seeing how the natural hair idea has resurfaced, especially since it was the norm and embraced many years ago. I decided to ask some Natural Tod and Mature friends who returned to their true texture before I did, and why they chose to go natural.

I chose to go natural because my hair started becoming thinner and I wanted the fullness look back–which was there when I was natural as a child. Plus after seeing the harshness of relaxers and how other women were embracing their true beauty, I wanted to join the band wagon.

“I have been natural for about 2 1/2 years.Reasoning for going natural my hair started thinning with the relaxers and breaking, I saw how thick and beautiful my girl’s hair was doing without chemicals, I paid more attention to the negative health effects that such chemicals had on my scalp and in my general body system (gets scabs on scalp from chemical burns and hair was started to look life-less and frizzy), and finally I liked the ‘look’ I saw on other African American women it was fuller and healthier.”-Nita

“I have been natural for about 3 ½ years. The reason I became natural was to make my hair healthier. I knew getting a relaxer wasn’t going to help me hair.” – Kristen

“In 2011 I decided to go natural and it has been the best decision of my life. Making this decision made me realize the true Queen that I am. My hair is healthier and I accept the real me.”-Pam

“I went natural when I was in 8th grade, so it has been three years. The transitioning period lasted about a year, and I didn’t start actually embracing my natural hair curl pattern until a year and a half ago. I went natural because I became more aware of the negative health affects linked to the chemicals in relaxing treatments, like sodium hydroxide, which is used in cleaning products. I wanted to embrace my hair, not to mention eliminate the burning that happened as my applied.” -Kayla





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