First blog post

I would say my natural hair journey has been like a roller coaster. One minute I’m dreading my scalp burning from relaxers, so I chose to go natural, then the next  minute I am frustrated about my freshly pressed hair getting frizzy on a humid or rainy day. What’s a girl to do? Well, one thing was I needed to make a decision;my hair  wasn’t going to continue to take the back and forth trauma much longer. So I chose in 2015 to stick with being natural. I would pat myself on the back after that last sentence, but I can’t proudly say I let go of one of my bad habits–too much heat appliance. Yes I was natural, but I liked wearing my hair straight. It took a while before I noticed strands of my hair remained straight when I washed it while other parts curled up. I was slowly stripping my hair away. It was at that moment that I choose to start from scratch and get the BIG CHOP.



  • no more added chemicals
  • limited heat appliance
  • frequent conditioning
  • using big tooth combs rather than brush or rattail
  • not constantly messing with hair

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